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Pathways Unveiled: Global University Education Fair 2024 Chronicles

The Global University Education Fair 2024, organized by Lotus Valley International School in collaboration with Ikigaii Education Services was held on Saturday, 27th April 2024, the fair provided a unique platform for high school students (Grades XI & XII) to explore various career options and interact with representatives from 44 renowned universities worldwide.

Learners from various Delhi-NCR schools enthusiastically participated in the fair, engaging in meaningful conversations with university representatives and seeking guidance on their future academic paths. The fair concluded with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, as students departed with a clearer vision of their academic paths and a renewed enthusiasm for their future endeavours.

Session on 'All About CUET - The Common University Entrance Test'

Under the patronage of our Director Principal, Ms. Anita Malhotra, a session was conducted on 'All About CUET - The Common University Entrance Test' for Grade XI and XII learners and parents. The session was conducted by Dr. Suman Kharbanda, Associate Professor at Shivaji College, Delhi University

Dr. Kharbanda eloquently commenced the session by outlining the significance of CUET in undergraduate admissions. She emphasized the importance of understanding the structure of the CUET exam to enable students to make informed choices regarding programs and colleges. The session concluded with a vibrant exchange of queries from both parents and students.


Under the auspices of Vistas, the Career Counselling & University Placement Cell organized Parent Career Counselling Sessions for Grades X. The sessions were led by Mr. Abhishek Gupta for Grades X who provided valuable insights into university admissions and scholarships, emphasizing what universities look for in candidates, including interests, aptitudes, and skills. He also underscored the significance of internships and summer programs in relevant fields. Additionally, Mr. Gupta discussed the importance of subject combinations in accordance with the guidelines of the National Education Policy (NEP), which broaden the scope for pursuing new age careers.

The sessions were highly informative, prompting numerous inquiries from the attending parents.