if your child will be absent from the Center for any reason you must call and let someone in the office know.

Arrivals & Departures

Children may not enter or leave the Center unless accompanied by an adult (an individual at least 18 years of age). Please be sure that a staff member is fully aware (per verbal communication) that your child is arriving or leaving. Upon arrival, please be sure a staff member is fully aware (per verbal communication) that your child is arriving or leaving.

These times can get chaotic when there are several families arriving all at once, so for the safety of all please verbally communicate with the staff member on duty to ensure that your child is being signed-in or signed-out.

Parents may not use cell phones during drop-off or pick-up

if you need to use the phone do so outside the Center before or after coming onto Small Fries Property.


The Center has an Open Door policy on parent’s visits. We recognize and support parent’s desires to see and spend time with their children whenever they can.


To avoid disrupting the class, please refrain from bringing your child into the Center during naptime. Parents may visit anytime, including during naptime. Parents who pick up during nap should be respectful of other sleeping children.

If a child awakens during naptime with their parent present, the parent should help them resettle or should take them from the room until it is possible to reenter without disrupting others. This may mean waiting until naptime ends.

Clothing and Personal Belongings

Children's clothing should be comfortable, allowing complete freedom of movement, washable, and suitable for daily indoor and outdoor activities. Since children spend time outdoors almost every day, parents should consider weather conditions when planning daily dress. To encourage development of independent bathroom skills, children's clothing should be easy for them to manipulate with a minimum of assistance. Children must wear shoes which are practical as well as comfortable. Sandals and flip-flops are prohibited. Girls should wear shorts under dresses and skirts.

A complete change of clothing should be kept at the Center.

Except for special items needed to smooth the transition from home, toys and personal belongings should remain at home. This will avoid lost possessions and hurt feelings. The Center will make reasonable efforts to safeguard children's personal belongings and clothing, but will not be responsible for lost or damaged items.

Candy, gum, and money should never be brought.

Everything that your child brings or wears to school should be permanently labeled. Anything left at the center more than 30 days after termination of services will be discarded due to room space.


Birthdays and holidays are an especially exciting time for young children and the Center will be pleased to help your child celebrate with classmates and staff.

Please discuss this with Day Care In charge prior to the date. We must post any snack schedule changes 48 hours in advance. Also, all parties need to be scheduled a minimum of 30 minutes after nap-time. Since licensing regulations prohibit any type of open flame in the Center, birthday candles are not permitted.

Meals & Snacks

Eating habits formed during early childhood are the basis for life long eating and can influence the child's health and well being in later years. Our goal is to provide a balanced and varied diet and we encourage children to try everything on offer.

At the LVIS great care is taken to provide a balanced diet and an interesting range of fresh and nutritious foods.

If you child has any special dietary requirement please let us know and their needs will be respected.

Mealtime is a social time and all ages mix. Conversation among children and between children and adults is encouraged. This is also a learning time and we talk about what we are eating and why. We encourage children to tidy up after themselves.

Immunization Record

The Center is required to have on file a physician’s report verifying overall good health and required immunizations. Current information on immunization status must be maintained while the child is enrolled. If your child is behind on immunizations, the Center has the right to refuse care until they are current. The parent is still responsible for tuition during this time.