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At Lotus Valley International School Gurugram, we aspire to craft socially conscious, self-aware and responsible global citizens who will construct, shape and serve the society. The school aims at empowering each child with deep, broad and strong fundament of knowledge and life skills. We firmly believe in equipping our learners with 21st Century Skills such as Critical and Creative thinking, Comprehension, Communication, Collaboration, Commitment, Confidence, Digital Literacy, Leadership, Social Skills, Initiative & Innovation to facilitate holistic development and character building. We strive to create a stimulating and inclusive environment where children learn effortlessly and are supported by our pioneering pedagogies in recognizing, achieving and whetting their innate potential.


Our mission is to create accomplished, intrinsically motivated learners, capable of shaping the Nation’s future. It is our consistent endeavour to enable learners flourish on an insightfully designed curriculum that cradles Indian Ethos and Culture, thus facilitating their moral, spiritual and ethical development. We are dedicated towards edifying them with the virtues of honesty, dignity and justice, which sets them on the decorous path from the very beginning.

School Motto

The School Motto ‘Arise! Awake! And Stop Not till The Goal Is Reached’ is the clarion call for scholars at Lotus Valley International School Gurugram. We encourage our learners to discover their passion and decide their goals in life.

We encourage them to find the joys of learning and make life a very mindful and meaningful experience. We help our learners discover who they really are and empower them to do what they love.

School Emblem

Lotus Valley International School is passionately committed to pursue excellence in every imaginable field. For us every child is a leader of tomorrow and we leave no stones unturned to ensure that every Lotusian is given an opportunity to excel.

The Four Segments of the Shield represent different aspects of learning:

The GLOBE signifies the global outlook necessary for the leaders of tomorrow.

The BOOK stands for knowledge.

The TORCH embodies hope and integrity that ignite the minds of young people and light their path towards excellence and fulfilment.

The VEENA belongs to Saraswati, the Goddess of learning and speech. It is the symbol of creativity, culture and refinement.

The school emblem draws inspiration from the five classical elements - EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR and SKY. We endeavour to instil in our learners the attributes of the five great elements. With the lotus of transcendence flanked by two swans at the top, the crest highlights the subtlety of sky and swan’s unique ability to separate milk from water, just like the discovering mind we inculcate in our learners.

The colour BLUE reminds us of the flowing nature of water and motivates learners to keep advancing towards their goals. The colour YELLOW brings alive the spirit of fire along with its strong will and energy while the GOLDEN colour represents nurturing and stable quality of earth. The flags with the initials of the school are the omnipresent ambassadors of direction like the ever-present air.

Avant - Garde Philosophy

“Education should bring to light the ideal of the individual.”


We believe that every child is unique. Each one has a different pace of learning, which needs to be discovered by the school. Therefore, Lotus Valley International School strives to understand and fulfil the individual needs of its learners.

We tickle the imagination of our children so that they can think-out of-the-box and grasp concepts faster. We encourage them to explore, experience, experiment and find their own path of discovery. We provide them with a stimulating environment where love, affection and joy bring out the best in them.

We have an education system that builds the learners’ character and empowers them in all aspects – mental, physical, emotional and social.