• MUN:Model United Nations

MUN:Model United Nations

Model United Nations conferences provide students with a platform to unleash their diplomatic and communication skills through the simulation of various committees of the United Nations.

  • MUN

    Lotus Valley International School achieved yet another milestone by successfully organizing the Virtual Inter School LOTUSMUN2020:Dream . Discover . Conquer (Model United Nations) on 11th July 2020. The conference attracted 350 delegates across the globe, including countries like Russia, Australia and Switzerland and 14 Indian schools. Optimism is the major driving force of this LOTUSMUN2020 and we hope that this next generation of diplomats and leaders will remember LOTUSMUN2020 as one of the moments that sharpened their view for global issues and expanded their horizon. Because in the end, it is “the youth of this world, that can make a difference!

  • Carpe Diem'19

    When Your Voice Matters

    Lotus Valley International School Gurugram organized the Intra-School Model United Nations Conference ‘Carpe Diem-Seize the day when your voice matters’ on Sunday, 18th August, 2019, from grades VIII-XII.

    ‘Carpe Diem’ aimed to be an MUN conference where learners debated, contemplated and deliberated effectively on various global issues throughout their committee sessions and press conferences under the guidance of the experienced Executive Board and Secretariat members.

  • Opening Ceremony

    LotusMUN’21-’Redefining the Norm’ began with supreme verve and vigour to find feasible solutions for the problems at hand. The world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly wrote working papers to deeply analyse the issue of intolerance and provide apt solutions for the same, while delegates in the United Nations Commission for the Status of Women decided to reach a joint conclusion over the agenda given. The United Nations Security Council convened to find ways of restoring peace in Myanmar after the coup d'état of 1st February, 2021. The Indian politicians in Lok Sabha discussed the future of India’s economy post pandemic. Meanwhile, in Indian War Cabinet, government officials took diplomatic and military action against the PLA around the McMahon Line. Furthermore, editors-in chief of EU countries congregated in European Commission on Ethical Journalism and Reporting and framed a mandate for the release of sensitive information regarding governance, trade ties and military. In the Union of European Football Association, football clubs agreed to transfer funds from the men’s football clubs to the women’s; meanwhile countries in the International Organisation of Securities Council, deliberated the implications of short selling and market manipulation through social media.

    LotusMUN’21 was a grand success, one that the Secretariat was extremely proud of. Though exhausted, the delegates still brimmed with pride and joy on putting their best foot forward. The journey of LotusMUN’21-’Redefining the Norm’ might have ended, but the learning hasn’t.

  • Closing Ceremony