• Glory to the Nation

Glory to the Nation

  • Lotus Valley International School, Gurugram celebrated 72nd Constitution Day by organizing a national level inter-school online event on 26th November 2021 ‘Lotus Discourse’21: We, the People of India…’wherein 28 schools and 400 learners across Delhi- NCR participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. In order to monumentalize and pay tribute to our Constitution makers, the event , aimed at highlighting and reiterating the values and principles enshrined in the Indian Constitution.It was a perfect platform for the Youth of India to spread constitutional awareness across the country. The focus of the discourse was to succinctly review the working of the Indian Constitution. Through this event, we brought forward the views of the young generation who not only paid tribute to the national heroes who framed the effective and just Constitution but also proposed the modifications to help build a stronger and more resilient India!

  • Lotus Discourse’21: We, the People of India…’was a resounding success in promoting constitutional literacy and engaging young learners in an interactive way to gain the knowledge and skills needed for civic engagement in the 21st century. Through the five unique and exemplary competitions, Lotus Valley has set a new benchmark.
    The First Event,Tryst with a Twist
    The second event was: Every Issue Counts
    The Third Event was: Colloquium
    The Fourth event was: Wings of Change
    The final event was: We the Youth: Arguably the Best
    In all the events the learners through their distinctive styles of discourse unanimously expressed the opinion that, as the highest law of our country, the constitution is at the centre of the political and social life of the country and defines the relationship between the State and the society, and between the different functions of the State. Through this EVENT the young learners from various schools made the substantial contribution in determining the political future and to secure justice to all. e

  • Panel Discussion

    On 26th January, 2022, Lotus Valley International School, Gurugram, commemorated the 73rd Republic Day on the virtual platform with great patriotic fervour, mirth and zest. The zealous Lotusians demonstrated that even though the pandemic has confined them to their homes, it cannot dampen their patriotic spirit and pride for the nation. The highlight of the event was the thought-provoking panel discussion on Redefining Good Governance in India. This discussion aimed to shed light on a subject that all of us, as responsible citizens of our country, should reflect upon. The panelists won the admiration of the audience with their eloquence and awareness about the nation’s state of affairs. The discussion was beautifully moderated by Parth Piyush Prasad, President of the Student Council. The panelists deliberated upon the key factors of good governance. They agreed that features like accountability, transparency, citizen participation, rule of law, efficiency and inclusiveness are some of the most essential criteria for good governance.

  • Glory to the Nation

    Learners also presented an informative and impactful video that took us on a journey through Indian history, encapsulating many lifetimes into mere minutes. The audience was enthralled and touched by the mellifluous and soulful musical presentation ‘Long Live India’.