“Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known”

Astronomy Club aims to equip learners to apply scientific reasoning to astronomical discoveries and to understand their effectiveness. Dealing with stars, planets, asteroids, the sun and the other heavenly bodies, the club offers an array of activities and experiments for learners to ponder over.

With the able guidance of the teachers and experts from the organization ‘SPACE’, our learners not only explore into the enigmatic world of astronomy but also analyse the laws and theories pertinent to the universe through sky-maps, latitude and finders.

The spacious Astronomy Lab in the school provides each learner, ample opportunities to understand basic phenomenon of the universe, conduct scientific observations, formulate and evolve their learning and also create samples of spatial objects such as asteroids and comets with the help of the raw material provided in the lab. Fervent discussions and debates further fuel the minds of our young learners.