Assemblies are an important aspect of life at Lotus Valley. They aim to build a positive school ethos, create and nurture a sense of community. Our assemblies foster the development of intellect, character and values and inspire students to pursue excellence in all its forms. Assemblies serve as a platform for the learners to showcase their talent. Learners of all grades, from Class I – XII, actively take part in the morning assembly and get to learn a great deal about prominent issues confronting our society today. Many distinguished and notable people who have done exceptional work in varied fields such as Literature, Medical Science, Sports and Media regularly become a part of our morning assemblies. These eminent personalities influence our young learners and inspire them to work assiduously and never lose track of their goal in life.

Enthralling shows are put up to celebrate the vibrant and colourful festivals of India. Festivals such as Holi, Janamashtmi, Independence Day, Republic Day, Dussehra, Diwali, Guru Nanak Jayanti and Christmas are all celebrated with fervent zeal. Our assemblies are replete with songs music, dance and drama and all these help students understand the true spirit of India, cultivate love for the nation and also develop better bonding and bonhomie. Pertinent themes such as Self Awareness and Self Esteem, Critical and Creative Thinking, Bullying, Habits of Highly Successful People, Power of Words, Bio Mimicry are taken up by senior students. Thought -provoking and stimulating presentations are made on them.

Special days such as World Heritage Day, Environment Day, Human Rights Day, Earth Day and International Women’s Day are all celebrated with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. Students not only become aware of the important happenings of the world around them through these assemblies but also develop greater confidence and better oratory and theatrical skills.